19/2/24 update 7.2 (? final update 19/2/24

in the story the besieged gave the local guilty parties who had been forced to play along 48 hours to grass (ie notify the authorities) the right version to all relevant local authorities.

only 48 hours could be given otherwise the besieged thought this would be an unacceptable risk to the besieged parties

(I think the 48 hours is /was from 10:00am (approx) this morning (time of writing 19/2/24)).

in 48 hours we have to carry on sorting out the fort. and as previous trying to break the siege/get it lifted by legal means.

nothing else different happens in 48 hours.

the fort had heard a rumour of possibly serious risk to local parties and since it might be quite bad possibly serious risk the fort has gone on hold for 48 hours.

the besieged thought that if the local guilty parties grassed completely (afraid might have to include including themselves but the full risk to the local guilty parties is not known or exactly how it works)

press release interrupted by psychological warfare

it wasn't clear that a defence against the fines wasn't to broke if you could afford it (ie didn't have much to start with/ were on benefit).

is it possible to go broke by gifting (not lending) everything to a worthy friend (? could be abroad)

(or buying antiques or similar)

and or grass and run???

(you have a car?? plus cash from local cash line?? )

use random on calculator times number of items in list to select next local in higllahd from suitable list

stop your phones voicemail.

keep phone checking in with pre arranged suitable person (could they be abroad??)

to keep up with news and anyone else involved.

also means you aren't missing.

point is to avoid communications from them.

should be obvious.

never answer a phone call.

sign out of google if you have an android

so you can't get email or

sign out of your email account and?? facebook.

a lawyer might be able to find you but he might not want to have to be too awkward..

the police may have no cause to look for you.

other parties could be a risk??

isn't it too expensive??

do you need a tent??

good modern tents are totally waterproof .

if ?? blow down move into the car.

check weather forecast.

?? getting warner again.

you might need a bodyguard and or be in a group for this.

or find a pal to stay with in highland nobody that matters will guess..

meantime you have the phone and can grass.

this might mitigate any risk to you.

because of the ongoing psychological warfare the fort isn't sure what it has said about this problem is the most sensible thing possible.

(no i can't do this myself i don't have a car and amnt allowed on buses.)

ian pouncy