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Various thoughts about God.

(By Ian Pouncy)

I posted this stuff on facebook on 21/10/17 because I was fed up of the run of bad luck I was getting and wanted to protest against God a bit.
Rather reluctantly I have to admit I believe in some kind of God who I am supposed to think cares about people. (My official theological position is that I am an ex Christian who still believes in something.)

Anyway here they are:-

Post 1
I think anyone who believes or claims to believe in any kind of God who is there (as in around the place doing things or up in space governing anything or something) needs their head examined. The trouble is if he is there being like that he should make it more obvious by doing more obviously intelligent God like things, like talking to us clearly when we talk to him, or if he wants to off and on to help us. If he exists he doesn't seem to do this at all (or much at all if we go with the believers) which is awfully strange, especially if he wants us to believe in him.

Post 2
If God wanted us to believe the right things (including that he exists) in order to obtain salvation, wouldn't he have made what we are supposed to believe more obviously true to the casual observer or person who is not inclined to think to deeply about confusing religious issues? See previous post from me today. If he is there, he is not extremely obviously present in a way that can be checked by everyone conclusively and without more effort than it takes to check known basic science or geography. This means an independent person might think that it is quite reasonable not believe in God (even if it is mistake), and that if it is necessary to do so for salvation it's all rather unfair. The right answer of course is that all you have to do is to read the Bible and it all becomes obviously true and understandable. Trouble is lots of seemingly fairly sensible and definitely thoughtful people have done so and don't think this.

Post 3
Give thanks to God that I can say things like this today in Britain without being locked up or worse. See my other posts arguing against belief in God today.

Post 4
Another thing about most /(some) traditional God's is that if they love everyone (or most people) can't they zap anyone somehow if they are going to do any serious harm to anyone or any group (and solve the reason/motive for their bad intentions) so that they can't won't do whatever bad they intend, or better still, so they no longer want to. I suppose He (some folk might suggest She) is leaving us to fight each other (or intelligently refrain from fighting each other if we can) as per the theory of evolution, to the benefit of the improvement of the species. (Whatever that means..) Trouble is this isn't much fun if you are human and think the species isn't too bad now, if only he'd zap the bad guys before they do anything . Ian p

Comment at end 23/10/17
I should maybe state that I officially don't believe that God is too bothered by whether we believe the right things or not, unless it has a practical impact on something which affects the welfare of ourselves or others.

Religious and other belief often does.

I don't believe in the necessity of salvation to avoid the loss of eternal life, or anything similar.

I don't believe in eternal punishment, or other horrible similar fates for anyone for any reason.

Ian p