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Ian Pouncy's
GitHub Page

What is GitHub?

To go to the GitHub website click here:

To see me on GitHub click this link:


GitHub is a website that, among other things,
allows developers to store and share code and source code.
You can access it without an account, but I think you need an account (that can mean just sign in) to save code on it.

I've put some development code on it.
(Under the GNU Public licence, which means it's legally
available to anyone, but I can still use it aswell and it's still my code. )

Click on this link to see me on GitHub:


Ian Pouncey (note different spelling from Ian Pouncy -me) is also a developer on GitHub with code there, but he isn't me which you can tell from his photo and his website link.

You can search GitHub without an account or signing in. (Search Ian Pouncy in the search box on the home page (spell right) and then push newline and it will search ok.)

If you do, click on the users or code options, or you won't find anything which is what it appears to tell you when you first search but you can find the results by clicking on the code or user options in the left of the window.

Ian Pouncy.